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Podcasting Scholar for Hire

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the cover of my book by Gyula Nemeth

Why hire a scholar who can podcast?

Every scholar and her dog has a podcast these days, but - to be frank - many of them are not that great. Why?

  • people get overly fixated on technical aspects, when the focus should be on developing the craft of translating or creating scholarly content into a podcast medium 

  • scholars sometimes are too caught up in the norms of text-based publishing: trying to cram too much information into an episode, worrying about the lack of precision in discussions, or writing and speaking in an abstract form rather than embracing the intimate, vulnerable, immersive, discursive affordances of podcasting 

  •  academics don't always take the time to learn the craft of the medium, when they should be thinking through the medium's possibilities and limitations and how they can draw on their experience and skillset to create amazing audio scholarship

Why me?

Working with me will allow you to concentrate on communicating your research to its desired audience without worrying about editing software and microphones; to explore how podcasting can shift from being 'just dissemination' into 'legitimate scholarship'; and to explore new avenues for collaboration and interaction with your peers, interlocutors and the public.

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