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Academic Event: Podcast Series, Audio Essay or Documentary

Are you organising an academic event and want to create outputs aside from an edited volume or special issue? Don't just upload unedited videos of papers being read and presentations online, no one might ever see them. Think abut how the knowledge created at the event can circulate beyond those present.


I can create crafted audio content about the topic of your workshop or conference.

Research Project: Podcast Series, Audio Essay or Documentary

Do you have a research project that needs engaged, rigorous and accessible content by someone who broadly understands the topics researched and social theories used, but also knows how to communicate the content to a wider audience and work with the medium in an effective and affective fashion? Do you want this work to be legitimate, peer reviewed scholarly output? 

I can create or co-create a podcast series or one off audio essay for you or together with you. 

Teaching: Podcast Workshop, Short Course, Class Intervention

Do you have a group of colleagues or students who want to learn podcasting? Are you teaching a course and would like to swap out a written assignment for an audio one and need to give students the relevant training? I've been teaching students, teachers, researchers, NGO workers and journalists how to craft intelligent and accessible audio content across Europe since 2016.

I can teach anything from half-day workshops to two week long courses for research teams or within an established university course. 

Consultation: Individual or Group Guidance

Do you want to create a scholarly podcast but don't know where to start? Do you have an idea that you need help with translating into the audio form?

I can offer guidance, support and feedback to your project whatever the stage as either a one-off consultation or via longer term engagement.

Audio Cassettes
Audio Cassettes

Not only is Ian an absolute pleasure to work with, he's a podcast mastermind, capable of turning the most abstract of conversations into an accessible and inquisitive episode. With the UrbanA project, he helped us tell the story of how we can make cities sustainable and just, capturing the essence of our efforts and of the people involved. Add to this brilliant sound design and a generous helping of humour, and you've got yourself truly memorable podcasts.

Matthew Bach

Head of Justice, Equity and Democracy


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